Because I see my past, present, and future through my lens on your wedding day. I know exactly what I wanted captured on my wedding day, how I wanted to feel and experience. Now, I know what’s important to me today 10 years after my wedding that I have and remember from my wedding day. And now I see and imagine my kids' weddings someday (yes, they are still toddlers lol) but it reminds me how the wedding day photos are part of your legacy - it’s going to stay with you forever! It’s an amazing honor and privilege and I do take it seriously - but have lots of fun and adventure with you! 

 I am a San Francisco based attorney turned photographer and an entrepreneur. Yup, I left a career I studied long and hard to take pictures - I REALLY love my new job as a photographer! 

San Francisco Area Wedding + Portrait Photographer

Why do I love to photograph families? 

Hi, I’m Emily!
Nice to meet you!

Why do I love to plan and photograph weddings? 

Simply - because I am a mom! If you know, you know. These photos are everything. Selfies of your family are simply not enough to remember these fleeting moments and tiny hands. I can’t believe I am in the position to give these photo gifts to my clients. Can’t beat it!  

Other things besides photography that I love:

- My family (all 5 boys! - husband, 2 human boys, 2 doggie boys) 
- My home in San Francisco and in Pine Mountain Lake, by Yosemite (which is an Airbnb - come visit!) 
- Traveling (35 countries and counting!) 
- Cooking and baking alone with country music blasting - it’s my happy place
- Watching the Warriors as close to the court as possible
- Mid-morning triple shot almond caramel half-sweet latte 

San Francisco Area Elopement, Wedding + Portrait Photographer