Why associates? 

City Hall Associates By Emily Jenks Photography

The associates....

One of the great things about city hall wedding photography is that it's predictable in terms of process, lighting, and crowds! As demand for Emily's services went up and she became  less and less available, we realized that we can train associate photographers to do exactly what she does! 

We hope it's a win-win for all. Emily gets to be part of more couple's wedding day in terms of planning and re-living their day through their photos. Associate photographer gets to photograph amazing clients and couples - what they are truly passionate about. And couples get to have the same carefree, easy, fun experience at city hall and saving a little on the cost as well! 

- Knows all of Emily's secrets from photographing 300+ weddings at city hall. Everything from lighting at certain time of the day, crowd control, best camera settings, and more!
- Have similar camera/lens combinations as Emily does so what you see, is what you get. 
- Have easy going personalities - someone you would love to be around on your wedding day. 
- Have similar mostly candid and natural poses with a mix of some traditional "smile at the camera" photos too. Check out recent Associate Photographer galleries here
- Knows city hall weddings and their processes (where to go to check in, etc.) so they can act as your city hall "guide" that day! 

Whether you are looking for our associate photographer because Emily is not available, you are on a budget, or you just love working with amazing photographers that are easy going, fun, and care about your big day - here's more info!

My associate photographers have passion for photography, and love the ease of showing up to your big day to do what they do best - capture your big day! This way, Emily and her team can take care of all the planning, logistics, even editing to keep the photos you get consistent, while they get to focus on getting that perfectly unposed and framed shots from your elopement. 

Meet Rachel to the right, she is one of the amazing associates that you might meet! 

About the Associate Photographers

- Everything included in Emily's start to finish city hall package - just a different amazing photographer!

- Simple coverage of your arrival to the ceremony, ceremony, and photoshoot after. (Approximately 2 hours of coverage)

- Hold a session for 30-60 minutes at one of the many iconic  spots in San Francisco!

- You may add up to two additional locations to your Start-to-Finish package.

- Comes with everything included in the second location package - just a different amazing photographer! 

Associate Pricing at San Francisco City Hall

Start-to-Finish City Hall

Additional Location in San Francisco 
starting at $675

Can we still add on officiant/video/florals? 


Who are the associates? Why are they "just" an associate shooter? 

My associates are talented and creative photographers - but the reason they are "just" associate shooting vs. a lead main photographer is because they simply want to focus on their photography craft without worrying about the business side! Some of my associates also have full time jobs, and enjoy being able to show up for your wedding, create amazing art and memories, and letting me handle the business side. 

Who will edit the photos? 

While most of the associates will not edit the photos themselves, we will edit them so your photos will be consistent to what you see on our website! 

What if I want to hire them again for another photoshoot? 

Please feel free to get their contact info and book them for future photoshoots! I am always happy for my associates to get future clients, and I am happy for you that you found a photographer you love! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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