Congratulations on your decision to have the elopement of your dreams! 

Elopement Photographer + Officiant Team

Whether you are looking for a simple 2 hour coverage for your day, or a full day experience (you are only going to have ONE elopement day in your life after all!). We are here for you. 

We will be with you every step of the way to plan the perfect elopement you are imagining. Anything from flowers, location, permits and other logistics. We will be your travel planner, wedding planner, and most importantly, your trusted friend through the process!

Adventure ~ Together ~ Complete

Emily quit her job as an attorney to pursue her passion - photography.

One of her previous brides put it perfectly - "Emily, you are doing what you are meant to do." It's true! Emily believes 100% that planning, marrying, and capturing couples elopement days are truly her calling. 

She loves to let the couples show their fun, happy, and warm side in the photos because she believes your wedding day is not a production day - it's a day filled with happiness and just having fun! 

About the Photographer

When COVID hit and Emily had so many couples who couldn't get married at city hall anymore, we came up with the plan so Emily's clients can still get married - which was for Tony to become ordained. Rest is history (yes, it's a short one - but mighty - he's married over 50 couples in 2020!) and Tony has been marrying not only Emily's city hall wedding couples, but so many other couples' and in his words "it's been awesome!"

Tony is available for a non-denominational, spiritual, or religious ceremonies. In other words, he is totally flexible! We are happy to send over his regular vows/ceremony, and you can change it up to however you will like, as long as you say the legally required words like "I do". :) We also ask you how dressed up you want him to be, so we can go with the vibe you want in case he ends up in your photos. 

Tony will be the officiant as much as possible. In case he has a work conflict, Emily has many other officiants she works with and will find someone for your wedding day.

About the Officiant

Katherine has been helping Emily plan and coordinate her photo sessions since March of 2021 and has been loving every second of it. You’ll often hear from her first when you inquire and will continue talking with her and Emily once you book.

She loves helping clients plan and execute their dream elopement with ease. Your wedding should be filled with love and excitement, not stress. She is here to help make sure that's the case!

Whether you need vendor recommendations, location options, styling advice, or anything else, Katherine is here to help. As a Bay Area native and travel lover, she been to nearly every location Emily has photographed and will be a valuable resource to lean on while planning.

About the Client Coordinator

"Emily was a true professional and made every effort to make sure our special day was just that and Emily definitely captured the emotion of the day. Photos were top class and the follow through and after sales was exactly as promised."

- mike

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Who you are...


You want some “smile at the camera” portraits of you and your VIP guests (if any) but want many un-posed candid moments of you two in love, having fun, and enjoying your special, intimate, elopement day.

You want a “butterfly” photographer that might gently suggest things to do (can you look at each other?) but not adjust every position ("please move your elbow 10 degrees", etc.)  

You want lots of photos – even if they are technically not perfect, because it’s part of your memory of your one and only elopement day

Want to have photos that you can pass down to generations to come and someday have your kids say “wow, my parents’ got married in SUCH AN AMAZING WAY!

Easy going, and love to have fun! 

Northern California offers amazing places to elope! Beautiful beaches up and down the coast, Yosemite, San Francisco, Mendocino, Redwoods all around, whatever you are looking for, we, as natives of Northern California and avid explorers, we will make your dream elopement a reality. 💕

Bodega Bay all the way down to Santa Cruz ~ We know San Francisco Bay Area in and out, and know all the most romantic secluded spots. Whether you want an urban ceremony with the skyline backdrop, or you want a secluded experience, we will make your intimate ceremony as perfect as you imaged it. 

 If you are planning a 2021 wedding there, Emily is there 1-6 times a week for photographing City Hall weddings. It was her thing! Check out our page dedicated to SF City Hall weddings here!

Elopements Anywhere in Northern California

Elopements in San Francisco Bay Area

Are you looking for SF City Hall wedding packages?

All of the packages include:...

Package Details

All the planning of your elopement logistics and day
Sneak Peek within 48-72 hours of your elopement - I want you to be able to share your news right away!
Full gallery delivered within three weeks of your wedding
Full print rights on all of the edited high-resolution images on an online gallery (you can share this album with friends and family, order prints and products, and download in 3 different resolutions)
Unlimited downloads on all images in 3 different resolutions
Unlimited pre and post-elopement consultation over phone, text, email, DM on social media, and in person
Witness (me!) if you need one
Your personal app of your favorite images so you can access your images easily on your phone (upon request)
Florals (for "Remember the Day" packages)
You can add:  Officiant, Video, Picnic Setup, Makeup/Hair, Musician, LiveStreaming

Packages starting at $3,550

Starting at $1,850


San Francisco Bay Area

Carmel/ Big Sur

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View Pricing and Packages for...

Traditionally, elopement meant you were running away from your parents to get married. Not anymore! We have had plenty of elopements involving parents, siblings, friends, and more. For our purposes, eloping means you are getting married in a smaller scale, no frills, wedding somewhere beautiful with 20-25 or less of your closest family and friends. We aren't too strict on that number, but you get the idea! More guests you have = less free options and chances we will have to pay for venue/permit. I can help you with the options!

Amazing! We offer packages that doesn't include Tony's services. 

Very! We plan the whole entire thing for you - minus your flights to the location. We will give you all the driving directions, suggested hotels/Airbnbs and all the other logistics! It's like you are getting a wedding planner, photographer, officiant in one. 

Yes! You can add videography easily to our packages. 

If for some reason Shana is not available, she will send another amazing videographer in her place, and edit the video, so what you receive will be consistent to what you see!

We will not only have a plan A that you LOVE, but we will also come up with a plan B that you equally love! (And C, D, E, if it will make you feel better.)

I also know that this is a completely valid concern, and therefore, I am very flexible. All of my elopements can be rescheduled, or even cancelled, without any penalty. My deposits are FULLY REFUNDABLE! Yes, even if you have to cancel your wedding the day of. 

We believe that your elopement day photography in so many ways is more important than big wedding photography. Why? Because at the end of the day, the only proof you might have of your marriage (besides a legally binding marriage license 😉) are your photos! People get entire day wedding photography for big weddings - elopements need longer coverage too! We aren't too strict on this timing - we generally like to cover part of you two getting ready, before, during, and after the ceremony - generally with a change of scenery.

What does an elopement mean? How many people does it include?

What if we already have an officiant? 

How involved are you in the planning process?

Do you offer videography?

What if it rains/fires/something crazier than COVID happens?

What is included in the photography coverage?

"Brian and I got married in August 2020 and came across Emily as we were looking to book our City Hall Wedding. We had been planning on a larger wedding 2020 celebration but COVID had other plans so we thought SF City Hall would make for a great plan B. We had a wonderful chat with Emily and she let us know we might have to resort to a plan C if SF City Hall didn't open back up in time. She was wonderful in helping us navigate the entire process and helped us feel at ease as we pivoted for a 3rd time. One week before the wedding we still didn't have our "venue" (I was struggling to decide) and Emily was so comforting and told us not to worry. The day of the wedding, she and her husband were wonderful (her husband was the officiant). It felt like we had known Emily for years - I had never seen my husband enjoy so much getting pictures taken of him!! The pictures themselves turned out beautifully - I love the way in which Emily captures the light, so natural and breathtaking. Thank you Emily!!!"

"When booking an elopement photographer to hike through Yosemite with us, we were worried we were asking too much. But I loved that Emily was game to pivot when we hit snags in the plan, and had an awesome cheerful and accommodating attitude the entire time."

- Alessa

- Amanda

"Emily is AMAZING! She responds to texts with lightning speed, makes you feel comfortable in front of the camera, and is so nice. Not to mention she takes the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen."

- Katherine

"Our photos were stunning!! Emily was so easy to work with and made us feel so comfortable. Our original plans got squashed by the pandemic and Emily helped us create an even better day than we could have imagined."

- Jillian

San Francisco Area Elopement, Wedding + Portrait Photographer

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"Emily also went way above and beyond to make our wedding day a success, we honestly could not have done it without her and Tony! I really appreciate her professionalism, flexibility, and willingness to do whatever it takes to make our wedding day and photos as special and amazing as possible. We're so happy we found Emily and you will be too!"

~ ben