When your significant other asks “who took these pictures?” when you give them your boudoir gift, send him to this blog post so he knows it wasn’t a total creeper that took the photos and he can get back to enjoying the photos!


March 25, 2019

Hi, I’m Emily, and I do not want to date your significant other

Are you loving all the images of those gorgeous angel wings on boudoir photo shoots? But you can’t justify the price tag? Here’s how you can make it on your own!

Boudoir, For Photographers

February 14, 2019

How to Make Angel Wings for Boudoir Photo Shoots

5 things you must do in your 20s, before you get married and have kids! It’s not about saving for retirement. That’s for sure!


February 6, 2019

5 Things You Must Do in Your 20s Before You Get Married + Have Kids

Why you don’t have to be Skinny, Young, and Not Awkward to Get Amazing Boudoir


January 20, 2019

Why You Don’t Have to Be Skinny, Young, and Not Awkward to Get Amazing Boudoir Pictures

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